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Founded in 1963 by Gilbert and Cecelia Conly, Yum Yum Bake Shops began as a small donut and coffee shop. During that time, we built our reputation on quality products and friendly service. 

In 1972, after nine years of hard work, we opened our Colmar location. Our position as the area’s number one source of quality donuts and coffee was solidified in 1977 with the opening of our third location in Quakertown. 

Soon after, the next generation of Conlys took over, continuing to work hard while adapting and changing product lines to reflect the consumers’ changing tastes. In 1990, the York and County Line store was opened, followed by two satellite stores in Warminster and Chalfont in the mid ’90s. 

Today, the third generation of Conlys is involved in running the business. We are committed to the same level of quality and service that the “Boss” began back in 1963.

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