Customer Reviews Throughout the Years

Yum Yum’s makes the BEST donuts anywhere! I’ve lived and traveled all over the country. Always FRESH, FRESH, FRESH. The Chocolate Iced Melt in your mouth. Yumsters are a hit with kids, teens…and adults! Competitors can’t hold a candle to Yum Yums

Diane Smith
Hands down the best donuts and coffee..I can’t believe the size difference in yumyum donuts than the other big name company…I love yumyum and wish they were on every corner…I love the coffee too so much!!!!

Clark W. Griswold
White lightning all the way!

Patrick Piel
Just finished a Big Kahuna challenge at work. The challenge was to see how much of the Big Kahuna you could eat in one hour. Well, I won but I only managed to eat have of the 3.56 pound behemoth. Wish I could add pictures!

Cala Lejman
The big kahuna is my favorite ever ;). Yum yum

William Loburak III
Souderton, Pa
I absolutely love your doughnuts and coffee. The best around!

Just moved to area in July. For weeks, I passed by the shop in Quakertown and kept saying to myself, what is going on in there, must be something great because the parking lot is always crowded. One day while out with the husband, we decided to stop and see and we are so sorry we did! Now everyday has to include a stop at ‘that donut place.’ The donuts are unbelievable and everyone in the shop is so nice. Now we thoroughly understand what the crowded lot is all about.

joe s.
worcester pa
i always enjoy the fall with your pumpkin donuts – but now i’m loving the new apple crisp donuts too!

Yummy, yum yum! Lucky to have you near us.

Luz Berrios
Horsham PA
I was Dunkin lover but now I found Yum Yum…
New obsession is Yum Yum, best donut shop ever.

Yvonne Mills
Great donuts! We do not have yum yum in my area but my niece lives near one. I have her pick some up for me when the craving hits and no other donut will do! We need one in my area!

Kathy Pugh
Glen Gardner NJ
I had my first Yum Yum Donut today – because I came to a dog match at the K9 Gym in Colmar. So
good! I come there to train periodically – am planning on visiting the store next time I am in Colmar.

Yum Yum is life

Diane Smith
YumYum Donuts has always been our favorite donut shop.Not only are the donuts always fresh, they are such a nice generous size and my kids favorite has always been the vanilla iced and the icing is 2-3 times more than competitors have on theirs. Love,love love the donuts and coffee….thank u yumyum!

Sue Sheehan
I lived in Warminster for over 20 years and Yum Yum was the favorite place to go when we wanted something sweet. Now I don’t live in the neighborhood and I miss those donuts. No body else’s compares to Yum Yum donuts. I have a family member in Ann’s Choice, so I’m back in the area often. I have to make a trip to Yum Yum each time I come. The donuts are always fresh no matter what time of day I’m there. And the people working there are always friendly and helpful. Dunkin Donuts could learn a few things from your store. Keep up the good work. And thank you.

Christopher Harper
Warminster PA 349 lemon st 189784
I Love this place I live right around the block and let me tell you walking the dog when they start cooking.Is a killer not to stop in.Don’t tell any one but our dog loves the plain ones.I like my money to stay in Warminster this is the only place I go.Plus great staff that all ways say good morning and have a good night you do it right and keep up the great work.

Christopher Harper

Sylvia Leuz
Quakertown, PA
Recently moved to Quakertown and absolutely love, love, love Yum Yum Donuts!!

denise dickman
bethlehem, pa
We live in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and my husband has been driving there once a week, to your Quakertown location, to bring back a dozen donuts for us and for a business in our area. Your Donuts are the best and your staff is friendly!!

The Best monster donut ever, I love you guys!!!!!

Sharon Lawrence
Quakertown, Pa
Our whole family loves Yum Yums.

Maryann Breslin
Sicklerville New Jersey
We need a yum yum donuts in our area !! There are tons of restaurants and retail businesses popping up all around us. We need some good donuts here!!!!

Love your coffee rolls!

Simply The BEST donuts on the planet…
The Voo-Doo donut of Seattle might be unique. But the Yum Yum donut is by far, the best…! And there is nothing sour about the sour-cream donut… I have only one request – just keep on baking them…!!!!
Yum yum donuts and coffee are so superior to those from any other place!!! My friends came to visit me from Scranton and had some and they could not stop raving about their experience! To this day, they’ll come down here just to go to Yum Yum’s 🙂

Chris Schultz
Green Lane
I LOVE Chocolate Thunder, My husband loves Double Dutch and my daughter loves Glazed.. They are ALL so delicious.

I love coming into yum yums to get my coffee and the girls always treat me so well. I have never had a bad experience when coming to any of the yum yums. (Have been to at least 3 locations) .

Sharon Lawrence
Quakertown, Pa
Our whole family loves Yum Yums.

Joe W.
I have been enjoying Yum Yum donuts since the mid to late ’60s, starting in Quakertown.I have been to Q-town, Colmar and the old store at County Line and York road. I have had many of the different types, all of which are excellent,however my favorite is the sour cream. So moist you don’t even need a drink. The only problem is that you could eat half a dozen by yourself. Please keep up the good work. I hate the national chain frozen and delivered pre-made donuts.

P.R. Bossert
I Love the donuts especially the seasonal pumpkin. and the vanilla iced, sugar jelly, Chocolate Thunder, Boston cream and…. I also love the coffee. I had not had coffee with cream and sugar in over thirty years. A few years ago I got a graving for some and stopped at yum yum. THE BEST COFFEE EVER !!!!! Not burnt or bitter just perfect. I will pass every coffee shop and dunkie donut place for a YUM YUM

The first time I had a yum yum donut was 1 years ago I was told once you had a yum yum donut you Will want nothing but yum yum And truth be told I have been coming to Quakertown to get yum yum ever since then They are the best donuts just wish yum yum was in Bethlehem

Best donuts I have ever eaten!! Great discovery!

Carly Thompson
love yum yum donuts! Cannot compare to Dunkin Donuts. There is actually not a location near me, I’ve had your donuts from people bringing them in where I work. Please come to the Langhorne/Penndel area please please please!

Alicia Garcia
Fort Washington

I’ve been in love with Yum Yums ever since i was a little kid. you need to open one in lower bucks so everyone in bucks county can enjoy yum yum goodness. Dutch Crumb is my fav right now.

Howard M McGoldrick
Bristol Pa 19007-3024
Just bought a dozen mixed donuts on 3/2/15 at the johnsville shop. You can bet when I’m in that area again I will be buying more donuts at your shop. And the girl that waited on me was very courtous to me! Nice clean place!

I believe I had a potato donut… never had Yum Yum before… holy hell. I don’t think I can move out of Pennsylvania now.

Love, Love, Love your donuts. Best I’ve ever had!!! They last all day and never get stale. They even custom made a donut for my husband by adding strawberry filling and white cream to make a strawberry and cream filled donut. It was GREAT!!

carolyn stango
I was a dunkin dounut lover, but now yum yum is the best.even the coffee is donuts old fashion

Dear Yum Yum, you made me fat. So good…must get fatter…

Best donuts anywhere, hands down – soft and doughy deliciousness. I won’t even eat donuts from anywhere else. Dunkin Donuts taste like stale cake compared to these!

You have the BEST donuts hands down! Always have! Fresh, made with care. Yum Yum is the right name. :o)


Love love love your donuts…and NOW everyone I work with loves them too

Edie & Jeff
North Wales
We LOVE your donuts, always very fresh and delicious. Just recently ordered 150 donut holes for our daughter’s birthday celebration with her friends and they were a huge hit!! We’ll definitely order them again next year for her birthday; and in the meantime, we’ll be there at your Colmar shop as often as we can to buy our favorite donuts!

My favorite shop for donuts. Love the friendly staff.

Tampa Bay, FL
Born & raised in Hatboro and Warrington we always stop for the best donuts ever made when we are back in Hatboro, PA. They are so fresh, even late in the day. I really wish there was a store here in FL !!!

bill ehrenstrasser
bethlehem pa
the very best donuts around. keep up the good work. i wish you could come closer to bethlehem.may be some day.

I love you. I don’t want to ever move away from a yum yum bake shoppe. When I do, my soul will cry.

Simply the best doughnut shop. I got doughnuts and faschnauts fresh out of the frier and warm. If they aren’t that they were made in the last hour. Dunkin’ Doughnuts are always stale. You guys are a small business and care about your customers. You should make a shop in the Lehigh Valley,PA.

Nice to have home-grown donuts. . . .
I am a transplant from Bridgeport where we
have Suzy-Jo donuts. You are right up there with them.

Yum Yum is my family’s number one go to bake shop! I have tried several places from big chains to local mom&pop shops and NO ONE compares to Yum Yum. From the decadent peanut butter cup and crumb donuts to the simplistic, yet delicious french crullers and honey dipped, Yum Yum is out of this world.
After my sister moved to Arizona, my mom went to visit and grabbed a fresh box of Yum Yum donuts the night before her flight. My sister and her family were over the moon to have such a delicious taste of home. It’s what they still think about even on the other side of the country!

Best doughnuts in the area. It’s worth the drive.
They are the only doughnuts my wife will eat. Her favorite is the glazed.

The best donuts I’ve ever had! Dunkin donuts will never be good enough for me again after trying your donuts. Make a location in Collegeville!