Over 100 Million donuts sold!

Donuts are the heart of our business and our hearts go into making them.  Our donuts are freshly made on premises 2 times daily

We offer the following variety of mouth watering selections:


Boston Cream
Chocolate Thunder
White Lightning
Cream Delights
Peanut Butter Cup
Raspberry Crumb
Blueberry Crumb
Vanilla Cream
Sugar Jelly
French Apple
Apple Spice
Coconut Custard
Chocolate Cream
Strawberry Cream
Cherry Bomb
Strawberry Jelly


Chocolate Iced
Vanilla Iced
Strawberry Iced
Maple Iced


Glazed French
Iced French
Red Velvet
Honey Dip
Caramel Delight
Toasted Coconut
Dutch Crumb
Sour Cream
Double Dutch
Old Fashioned

1 week ago

Yum Yum Bake Shops

It’s a Pink Party! ... See MoreSee Less


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Jess Hayes 💖

Love it

3 weeks ago

Yum Yum Bake Shops

Come into Yum Yum Warminster for some Grease Lightning Fast Service! ... See MoreSee Less

Come into Yum Yum Warminster for some Grease Lightning Fast Service!Image attachmentImage attachment


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So cute love it 💖

Awesome! You guys rock!


Jesse Baker

That's awesome!


Ladies look good.

Awesome ladies!!!

That's really awesome !

That's great!

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2 months ago

Yum Yum Bake Shops

Yum Yum REALLY has the BEST customers! Today there was a lady in our colmar location picking up a very large order (30 doz donuts and 90 doz Yumsters) Every customer in line at the time carried out a stack of boxes for her. It was such a nice gesture for all involved! ... See MoreSee Less


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Where’s that party at? I want to go!

Maybe they were all trying to get an invite to the party. 😉

Do you have any donuts left? Lol!

At least she has good taste, she knows a good donut! I hate when you go somewhere and see some other “donuts” there, I won’t eat any other donut

Cassandre Kifolo can you imagine that many yum yum donuts 😍😍😍

Been spreading the Yum Yum love ❤️in NJ....those poor souls only know Dunkin’ 😢

I aspire to be like these amazing people and one day buy 30 dozen donuts. Oh....I guess the helpful/kind part too

Yum Yum is the best!

Shannon Simpson that’s like.... a lot of donuts! lol

Your donuts make the world a better place!

Wow. Love the gestures n love yum yums

I’m the lady!!! We had a Donuts with Dad event at Mater Dei Catholic School in Lansdale yesterday and today... it was a HUGE order and I’m so thankful for all the help!!! And everyone loved the donuts!!!

That's wonderful!!!😊

The. Only donuts my family wants. They are the best. Not frozen. Made daily.

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2 months ago

Yum Yum Bake Shops

We think Paisley has the BEST Grandma!

I come three hours to see my granddaughter. My first stop is Yum Yums to get her a donut!
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Patricia Schmidt Hemingway

That’s the one Mak wants!

Just one? lol

2 months ago

Yum Yum Bake Shops

Just a reminder yum yum Colmar will be closing at 6pm tonight.
No kids night tonight!
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